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How to do a simple t-shirt printing ?

Create your own T-shirt image is a very pleasant thing especially you can pour your design that you have created in to a t-shirt, we can express what is in our brain into a shirt to be enjoyed by many people, There are many ways to pour our ideas into a design and transfer it into a t-shirt by print it. But How to do a t-shirt printing in a simple way? there is an old technique that is still used in printing t - shirts, that is by using a screen printing techniques and squeegee . This method is very easy and you can do it at home with a very low cost, the equipment was very simple , all you need is a screen printing , squeegee, a little bit screen printing ink, HVS paper and cutter.

The first thing you need to start printing a t-shirts is a strong desire : D

Okay we can start it by making a very simple design in paper, you can draw a triangles, squares, stars or circles, but you are also able to draw other shapes that you want , but first you have to make a very simple design and if you pass this in simple design so you can experiment with more complex design or can add some color in your design .

If you've made an image or pattern that you design and then cut the image using the cutter according to the pattern you have created earlier, here you have to be careful when cutting the paper, do not to be missed because its will affect the neatness of the t-shirt printing result.

after all design perfectly clipped continue the process with the paper, attached it on the back of the screen, paste the paper using a tape , note that the edges of the screen printing do not there are missing or there are gaps in order to screen printing ink does not leak from the side of the screen. if everything is installed correctly then we will begin the process of screen printing.

While starting the screen printing you can prepare the t-shirt that will printed, put the shirt on the flat surface , such as plywood or table . if the t-shirt is ready then place the screen that had been prepared earlier on the surface of T-shirts, You can set the position according to what you want, the next step is spill ink evenly into the screen and then rub the ink with squeegee, this is the step that most important for the t-shirt printing results because if you do a mistake in this steps the result will be bad or the image will fade or miss alignment.

If completed as this the look : D

Good luck hopefully useful .


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